Leading Light – Merryn Mann, Tabitha Mathew & Heather Packett

Hear from three members of Team Crossway, Merryn Mann, Tabitha Mathew and Heather Packett as they reflect on the traits and attitudes necessary to ‘lead lightly’.
This video has a 10 minute reflection space at the end for you to set the atmosphere for a great team response or discussion.

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Discussion Questions

Part 1 – Merryn Mann
How do you navigate seasons that are tough?
How do you show resilience as a leader?
What are you processing right now?

Part 2 – Tabitha Mathew
Who does God want you to be in this moment?
How will you respond in this moment?
What plans are you holding on tightly to?
What do you need to let go of today?

Part 3 – Heather Packett
What gifts has God given you?
How can you use those gifts to serve?