God will flourish us amid our suffering

Accumulating since March 2020, extended lockdowns have made Melbourne the most locked down city in the world, leading to a slew of ongoing challenges. They also created an unprecedented change of pace, sparking many to reflect on their present and future, taking a step out of the busyness of living to consider the bigger picture and purpose of life.

Crossway’s Cantonese ministry recognised the uniqueness of this challenging season, and since June last year, the team has run four rounds of the Alpha course. God gave us the combination of Alpha as a platform and Zoom as a technology, such that we could continue with our great Gospel commission even during lockdown.

Initially, our newly-formed team did not have a clear picture of what lay ahead. Personally, I was not sure what I could offer the ministry, but with guidance from the Spirit I picked a role which was new for me – Zoom administration. At the beginning I was very nervous and prayed for the courage to take it on.

From these small beginnings, each round of our Alpha course saw 50-80 people joining together to explore life’s deeper questions over a series of six online sessions.

I thank God for giving each of us the gifts we need to work as a team, picked by Him, “to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Ephesians 4:12). In each meeting we started with joy and finished with amazement and thanks as the Spirit called upon unbelievers to know and accept Jesus.

So far, over 40 participants have put their faith in Jesus. Most recently, we celebrated one newcomer accepting Jesus in the first session, and a total of ten by the fourth session! We also welcomed five baptism candidates from Hong Kong and England. Praise the Lord!

Isaiah 55:1 tells us, “as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

The internet has helped us a lot in fulfilling God’s great commission. We’ve welcomed participants from worldwide locations, including UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland and even African Uganda, and celebrated first time commitments to Jesus, online baptisms and new fellowship. God will flourish us amid our suffering. I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Hallelujah!


Anni Wu
Crossway Cantonese Alpha Team Leader