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How To Be A Mentally Healthy Leader

As part of Crossway’s emerging leaders training series, we spent some time exploring what it means to be mentally healthy. No matter your age or life stage, you’ll have access to a brilliant 30 minute presentation followed by Q&A with clinical psychologist Rachel Lee and business whiz Ashley Chan who has a valuable personal story of mental health growth in the face of life transitions.
They share two different people’s perspective on how to be mentally healthy – all through the lens of being a follower of Jesus.
Through this session, you’ll:
– Discover how to assess your mental health
– Learn your personal mental health red flags and blind spots
– Get practically upskilled in how to manage stress
– Find out what to do when things are out of your control

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Discussion Questions

What is my baseline?
What are my red flags?
What do I want to take more control of? Thoughts, attention and/or actions?
What might I need to accept and release?