Leader Talk – Dale & Edi Stephenson Talk With Joel & Julia A’Bell

Dale & Edi Stephenson talk with Joel & Julia A’Bell, pioneering leaders of Convoy of Hope Australia. This video was filmed as Australia went into lockdown with the COVID 19 pandemic.
‘Be the Pastor of Your Street’
Dale, Edi, Joel & Julia talk together about the effects of COVID in their communities and the importance of empowering people to be Jesus, and love Jesus in every sphere they find themselves.
‘The future is not a return to the past’
They also offer the challenge that as we move through and out of this season that we will be brave enough not to race back to what was but ask the Sprit what he wants of us and be part of what the Spirit of God is doing in humanity.

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Discussion Questions

What does it mean for me to be pastor of my street?
Am I willing to be part of what God is doing at this time in humanity?
What does this mean for me in real terms?
How can I bring fresh insight and eyes to this season?