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Welcome To Church Parties

No doubt, your church is a friendly, welcoming faith community with a missional heart and an inviting atmosphere. But how do you connect with people who want to make your church their spiritual home? At Crossway, we host ‘Welcome to Church’ parties that provide an opportunity for newcomers to hear about the vision and mission of the church with an invitation for them to experience authentic community, no matter where they are at. This Welcome to Church party was hosted online in 2020 and gives church leaders an overview of what we share with guests in an online church party setting.

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Discussion Questions

How do you frame your presentation to a group of guests whether online or in person?
e.g. We have food, ‘party bags’, info flyers, presentations. Meet the staff and ask live questions.
How do you follow up the guests after the Church Party?
What works well? What needs to be developed?